Margaret (Muggs) Gallagher has been a nurse in many different settings. Since being introduced to neurofeedback in 2002, she has gained a new passion for helping people using this incredible form of therapy. She blends her medical knowledge, her passion, her skills as a mother and friend, and her clinical skills in neurofeedback to help children and adults attain a better life.

Muggs had personal and professional reasons to begin her journey into studying neurofeedback. She trained with neurofeedback to improve her own anxiety and depression problems.  Her grandchild showed all the symptoms of ADHD in preschool and could not sit still for any length of time. Muggs has also been an elementary school nurse and participated in many meetings where the child needed help with being able to focus but the parents were unwilling to start medication due to the side effects they had read about in articles. She is very aware of the disruption that this behavior can bring to a family and a classroom. She just knew there had to be an alternative, which is what led her to this field.

Muggs took her initial classes through EEG Spectrum, a leader in neurofeedback training.  She is committed to continuing to learn, as knowledge of the brain has frequent new discoveries and that can lead to better neurofeedback. She attends conferences and keeps her knowledge current through books, journals and continues to mentor with respected clinicians.

Muggs knows that God has led her to be available to help people improve their lives, as well of the lives of their families, with neurofeedback. She continues to be amazed at how lives are changed; medication is lessened or stopped altogether, families are restored, children and adults feel good about themselves, all with the help of neurofeedback.

She would love to talk with you about this modality. Call her at 972-743-3319 or e-mail at



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