Training requires two sessions a week for the first 30-35 sessions. The brain is learning something new and needs to be reminded of the new learning. After these sessions are completed, the sessions will be reduced to once a week, then once every other week and then once a month. The speed at which the sessions decrease change with each individual brain. Each session lasts 45 minutes (with 30 minutes of actual training). Each session is $100.00. It is also available in a block of 10 prepaid sessions at $90 per session. Most clients need between 35 and 55 sessions to complete treatment. Some chronic situations may require 70 to 90 sessions. This time is needed because at first, the changes are short-lived but gradually the changes will hold for longer. Remember that we are literally reconditioning and retraining the brain. It is exciting to know that with practice, we have a permanent influence on our brain waves.

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